Employees - Processes - Products

The concentration of all forces on 3 core competences. Lived strategy of a modern owner-managed company.

We have been successfully designing, constructing and looking after lifts for over 100 years now. We support mankind’s mobility and always give sensible answers to the developments in architecture and urban planning. Well-thought-out, functional design and resource-saving planning and manufacture are just as much a part of how we see ourselves as our social commitment on the spot.

The fundamental values at Schmitt + Sohn are therefore formulated in the company philosophy: daily learning, quality and entrepreneurial reliability.

We also deduce our responsibility towards the community as a company from these principles, which we meet by safeguarding jobs, reinforcing the locations and our regional commitment.

The entrepreneurial objective of our joint endeavours is the continuing development of an independent, profitable and daily learning company Schmitt+Sohn, which convinces in a global market by top performances of its employees.

We invite you to get to know Schmitt+Sohn Elevators, as a company, its values, products and our service. Enjoy reading, digesting and discovering.

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