• "Daily learning, Quality and Corporate reliability. These form the basis of every action at Schmitt + Sohn. And also make us what we are."

    Jürgen Raschke, Mechanics Technical Office.

  • „Being curious. Sounding out one’s own capacities. Being open to other points of view. Picking up and passing on things. Learning can take place in many ways.“

    Anton Hulm, Head of Technology International.

  • „Professional service functions smoothly and directly. Without excitement but with high availability.“

    Nadine Knoll, Accounting department.


Our central task is to recognise and encourage talents, and so guide the individual employee to his/her own personal professional success.

Your prospects for the future.

Our commitment to daily learning is a claim that challenges us as an entire company. For sustainable success in our sector does not necessarily have anything to do with a company’s size. It is the employees and their willingness to participate fully with their knowledge and skills that makes the essential difference. For this reason qualification and commitment of the people in the company form the basis for the successful organisation of a company’s daily routine that is today decisively marked by rapidly evolving economic and social changes.

We spend a significant share of our time on human resources development. We ensure that the right employees come to Schmitt + Sohn Elevators. And that they stay with us.

We encourage all employees.

We develop employees, who are better than we are ourselves.

Our leadership principles.

Encourage and demand.

We place the people and their individual talents at the centre of our operations. We base our managerial competence on the following basic statements.

Be a role model.

Take over and pass on responsibility.

Have a standpoint.

Think like an entrepreneur.

Be organised.

All the company’s employees can refer to these basic principles.